Saturday, July 22, 2017

Announcing The Texas Blogathon

The time has come for me to do another blogathon. Because I live in Texas, and Texas has been a state that time and again has been on the big screen, I proudly announce

The Texas Blogathon

People from Texas have the greatest pride in their state and I'm far from the least of them.  I was raised in Texas and, apart from a few vacations and two summer stints in D.C. have spent almost my entire life in Texas.  (It's a big state, and I live in the center of it so it takes a LONG time just to get out of it, for me...)

Hollywood has used Texas as a backdrop for hundreds, maybe even thousands of movies.  And not just westerns.  Plenty of movies with modern day settings take place in Texas. Texas is known for many things, some good (home of some of the most famous musicians in the world, including Willie Nelson, George Strait, ZZ Top, Buddy Holly, Janis Joplin... the list is endless), some not so good (depending on your political perspective, but three presidents have hailed from Texas; four if you include Eisenhower, who was born in Texas, but raised elsewhere), and some bad (its the place where JFK was shot, among others).

For this blogathon, you only have only one real requirement.  The movie (or TV show, if you prefer) has to take place in Texas or have been filmed in Texas.  I am allowing that many low budget westerns were really filmed in the outskirts of Hollywood, and only "claim" to be taking place in Texas.  And I am also allowing films that were filmed in Texas that don't claim to be set in Texas, as long as they don't, alternatively, claim to be taking place somewhere else on the planet.  That last caveat means if you choose to review a sci-fi movie that takes place on another planet or in a fictional place on Earth, I will allow it, if it was principally filmed in Texas.  To clarify with an example; Logan's Run  takes place in some unnamed area of the U.S. but it was filmed in Dallas/Ft. Worth area, so it would qualify.

I would like a variety of movies, hence I will ask that you limit doubling up to a minimum.  There are LOTS of movies to choose from in the Texas film oeuvre, so there is really no need to have dozens of entries on, say, Rio Bravo.  So I ask that only two entries per movie be allowed.  (My personal entry on John Wayne and his Texas connection in movies doesn't count as one.  Therefore there are STILL two opportunities for any one, or more,  of Wayne's Texas output.)

I would also like to thank, profusely, Hamlette at Hamlette's Soliloquy for taking time out of her busy day to provide me with a few banners.  Check her blog page out and, also,  make her (and me) proud by posting one of these banners on your blog.

I would like to list a few movies that could be suggestions as possible entries, but you are definitely not limited to these:

A Perfect World
The Alamo (1960)
The Alamo (2004)
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Bloodsuckers from Outer Space
Dazed and Confused
Dallas (TV series)
El Dorado
Friday Night Lights (Film)
Friday Night Lights (TV Series)
Happy, Texas
Laredo (TV Series)
The Last Picture Show
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
No Country for Old Men
Paris, Texas
Places in the Heart
Red River
Rio Bravo
Rio Grande
Rio Lobo
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Urban Cowboy
Walker, Texas Ranger (TV Series)

The Roster:

The Midnite Drive-In:  John Wayne and Texas: An Overview

Angleman's Place: Giant (1956):

Coffee, Classics and Craziness:   Texas (1941):

Crítca Retrô:  Duel in the Sun (1946):

Hamlette's SoliloquyTexas Across the River (1966):

Hamlette's Soliloquy:  Ten Favorite Texas Movies

High Noon:  The Lawless Breed (1953):

It Came From the Man Cave!:  The Lone Ranger (2013):

Mildred's Fatburgers  The Last Picture Show (1971):

Moon in Gemini:  Days of Heaven (1978):

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies:  Two Guys from Texas (1948):

Realweegiemidget:  Dallas (TV Series):

Sometimes They Go to Eleven: Cohen & Tate (1989):

Thoughts All Sorts:  Home from the Hill (1960):


  1. Do you realize how hard this decision is for me? I have just about an even dozen movies I would like to review for this. But ain't nobody got time for that. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... I'll go with Texas Across the River (1966).

    1. If I hadn't already compared El Dorado to Rio Bravo, I probably would have chosen that. I debated on a plethora of John Wayne movies before i decided, why choose...? Good choice. I'll add it.

    2. I want to sign up for a second entry! I love so many movies set in Texas that I want to do a list of my Ten Favorite Movies Set in Texas, okay?

    3. Interesting idea. I'll add it.

  2. Looking forward to it, Quiggy - and those are AWESOME blog banners!

    1. be sure to scope out Hamlette's website if you like the banners. She was the one who made them for me.

    2. Thanks for the compliments, Chris and Quiggy!

  3. Hi there, did a review on Dallas the original 78-91 tv series a wee while back, can I review that or does it have to be a new post (as you poss know a bit of a Dallas fan? Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews,

    1. What is it an overview or a contrast of a couple of episodes? Just so I can get it right on the roster.

    2. My original Dallas review is an overview of the series x

  4. PS BTW I haven't used that Dallas review for a blogathon before!
    PPS If not ok can I review the new series Dallas 2012 first episode as still to watch it,(but got the boxsets but havent gone for it yet)

    1. A remake of Dallas...God help us.

  5. LOL, THATS exactly why I'm avoiding it, despite the presence of some of the original cast.

  6. Hi. Could I do Home from the Hill (1960) please?
    I'm "Thoughts All Sorts" at

  7. What a nice idea! Could I have Duel in the sun (1946), please?

  8. I know I missed the last blogathon due to being sick but would love to jump back on the horse for this one. I would love to chat about Disney's Lone Ranger it says filmed in Texas not sure how much of it but he is the most famous Texas Ranger in my book :)

    1. The subject matter is about a former Texas Ranger. And parts of it were filmed in Texas. (But as I said in my prologue, even if it were filmed elsewhere, but still claimed to be taking place in Texas, it passes.) I'll add it.

  9. Hi Quiggy,

    I just finished watching Cohen & Tate and would love to add it to the blogathon. A very gripping Texan road movie.

    Sometimes They Go to Eleven


    1. First I've ever heard of it. I looked it up on wikipedia, now i have to find it... You got it.

  10. What a great idea for a blogathon! I'd like to write about 'Texas' (1941), starring Glenn Ford and William Holden. :)

    1. Help an old man out... I forgot your website...

    2. Here you go! :)

  11. This looks like it will be splendid! Might I have The Lawless Breed (1953)?

    My blog link for it will be:

    1. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I'll add it shortly.

  12. I just told a friend I wasn't going to sign up for any more Blogathons this year...

    I'd like to do Two Guys From Texas (1948). It will give me a chance to share a couple movie stills I own and some songs I recorded from the movie!!

    The use of the flag for the banners is brilliant Hamlette!!

    1. Thanks, Phyl! As soon as Quiggy said "Do you have any ideas for a Texas blogathon?" it just popped into my head that of course, that super-distinctive lone-star flag had to be involved!

    2. will get it on the roll. Thanks.

  13. Hiya! May I take LAST PICTURE SHOW? Love that picture...

  14. Hi, I'd would love to write about Days of Heaven (1978).

    Moon in Gemini:

    BTW, I have a new blogathon, if you would like to consider joining in:

  15. Does it count if it is a movie that isn't actually set in Texas (maybe the begining) but it is about people from Texas running away from Texas and the things in it (Man Without a Star)? Just wondering.

    1. Sorry, but I have to disqualify that one. If it had been filmed in Texas, that would have been a different horse. You are welcome to another try however.


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